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Express Service

Islandlink offers between four and six round-trip bus services every day between Nanaimo and Victoria, depending on the season. In addition, we offer between four and six round-trip bus services every day between Nanaimo and north of Nanaimo, to Buckley Bay, Courtenay and Campbell River, depending on the season.

Now, for the first time, we also offer a daily EXP (Express) service which operates non-stop between Buckley Bay and Victoria in both directions, and a complementary service between Buckley Bay and Courtenay - Campbell River. These services operate year-round.

This EXP service, by avoiding the time consuming stop in Nanaimo, allows for a much faster travel time between Campbell River and Victoria, and between Courtenay and Victoria. In addition, the one way bus fare is $10.00 cheaper than using the alternate service stopping in Nanaimo.

  • Southbound departure times: from Campbell River - 2:45pm; Courtenay - 3:35pm; Buckley Bay - 4:05pm. Arrival in Victoria is 6:35pm.

  • Northbound departure times: from Victoria - 9:00am. Arrival in Buckley Bay - 11:35am; Courtenay - 12:05pm; Campbell River - 12:55pm.
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Our reward program that enables everybody to save

Welcome to iPOINTS
  1. Every time you book a seat on or you are awarded iPOINTS, which help you pay for your next or ticket.

  2. iPOINTS may also be purchased at a discount, enabling savings of up to 31% on all your ticket purchases.


In order to make travel more affordable for those with some flexibility in their travel plans, we are including more FAREDEAL! fares in our schedule than ever before. There is one fare level: $19.99 - for booked passengers only. Remember a booking can only be made online, on this website. Look for any route with an - FD suffix in the booking system.

20th Anniversary

20 years ago, IslandLink started with service from Qualicum Beach, French Creek & Parksville to/from Departure Bay. The service was designed to serve as a connector to Horseshoe Bay/Departure Bay for foot passengers and still is today.

On our first day, June 23, 1998, we carried just one passenger from French Creek Marina to Departure Bay for a fare of $12 one way. Today, IslandLink carries over 50,000 passengers a year. Operates 10 buses, equipped with free wi-fi. Buses are clean and comfortable with seat belts on every seat. Baggage allowance is only limited by the amount you can carry!

There are 6 round trip frequencies daily between Campbell River, Courtenay, Buckley Bay, Parksville and Departure Bay (Nanaimo), and 6 round trip daily frequencies between Victoria, Mill Bay, Duncan, Chemainus, Ladysmith and Departure Bay (Nanaimo). We employ 14-20 drivers, fulltime. An easy to use online booking system is used by 85% of our passengers, and we provide a passenger loyalty program called iPOINTS, which rewards every booking with credits (iPOINTS). They can also be purchased at a discount, resulting in significant savings. Service is provided 364 days a year! On December 25, our drivers take a break.


FREE Wi-FI is now available on all buses

Schedule Information

Islandlink Bus

Oct 9th, 2018 - May 15th, 2019

  1. FOUR daily round-trip frequencies: Campbell River-Courtenay-Cumberland-Buckley Bay-Parksville-Departure Bay, Nanaimo, and Departure Bay, Nanaimo-Ladysmith-Chemainus-Duncan-Mill Bay-Victoria.
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IslandExpress Bus

Year-round schedule

  1. New Victoria to Buckley Bay daily NON-STOP service, and beyond to Cumberland, Courtenay, Merville, Black Creek, Oyster River and Campbell River, effective June 23rd, 2018:

    • Nearly one hour QUICKER to / from Victoria than existing bus services, all of which stop in Nanaimo.
    • $10.00 per person CHEAPER than other bus services, in each direction.
    • Convenient 2:45pm departure from Campbell River, and 9:00am departure from Victoria.

  2. Additional daily service between Buckley Bay and Union Bay, Royston, Courtenay, Merville, Black Creek, Oyster River and Campbell River.
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