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Updated: May 6, 2020

We continue to provide a skeleton bus service every day, and we continue to serve the Duke Point ferry terminal while Departure Bay is closed.

In addition, on May 10, 2020 we will be commencing bus service every day at the Little River ferry terminal in Comox. Residents of Powell River who wish or need to travel by bus to or from Victoria will now have a fast, easy and inexpensive way to do it. Currently there is no intercity bus service on the Sunshine Coast and we are hopeful this new service will be well received. It is planned for year-round operation.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in British Columbia our drivers have been diligently cleaning and disinfecting all hard surfaces inside the bus (e.g. handles, seat belt buckles, etc.) at the end of every trip before boarding new passengers.

Effective May 9th, 2020 we will be introducing two additional measures related to the health and safety of our passengers and drivers:

  1. The use of protective face masks by everybody on the bus will be mandatory. Our drivers will offer a free disposable face mask to every passenger prior to boarding; those passengers that do not already have their own will be asked to use the mask supplied by us, although everybody is welcome to have one.
  2. Our buses will be bookable to only 75% of seat capacity, maximum. Whether or not to board any walk-up passengers over this limit will be at the sole discretion of the driver based on the distribution of booked passengers already on the bus.

We wish to thank all those passengers who have expressed heartwarming sentiments in the past 6 weeks regarding the fact Island Express is operating every day, and is providing an essential service for those who must travel. We reassure everybody we will continue to do it. Like everybody else, we look forward to better times ahead.

For the interest of those who support our business in the long term we invite you to login to your Island Express online account, click on the iPOINTS logo (buy iPOINTS and save) and purchase $55.00 worth of travel for $30.00 - this is better than a 45% discount! The iPOINTS will not expire for 7 years so buy as many of these $55.00 packages for $30.00 each as you think you can use in the future. This offer will be withdrawn as we all come out of the COVID-19 period of restrictions.

Updated: April 4, 2020

Please note effective April 4th, 2020, BC Ferries has suspended Departure Bay/Horseshoe Bay ferry service until further notice; Click Here for details

For this reason, Island Express Bus is now serving the Duke Point Ferry Terminal instead, also until further notice. Reduced frequency ferry service between Duke Point and Tsawwassen is Available Here.

Our Departure Bay stop is moved to just outside the ferry terminal onto Stewart Avenue as the terminal is closed.

Besides our regular services we are also now providing bus service between Departure Bay and Duke Point until further notice.

Please Click Here for schedule, price and availability details.

Thank you.

Updated: April 3, 2020

Details of the bus services we offer on any specific date can only be found on our website. This is true of normal times and abnormal, such as during the current coronavirus COVID-19 crisis :

View todays availabiltiy
Make a future booking

The only way to ensure you get the space you want is to book it online.

Similarly, the only way to cancel the booked space you no longer need is to cancel it online.

Both must be done before midnight on the day before travel.

During the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis all our staff except for a handful of drivers are laid off. At this time our only priority is to reliably provide a skeleton bus service for those who must travel and who have no other means to do so. We fully realize that provincial health orders could change this without notice.

We are therefore unable to deal with emailed comments, questions or requests at this time as there are no staff available to do it. We apologise if this causes inconvenience.

We are doing everything necessary to be prepared for resumption of all normal business activity once the crisis is over, whenever that may be. Your comments, questions and requests will be addressed at that time.

Thank you for your understanding.